The Ultra-Bright Garage Light! Add Ultra-Bright Light to Garages & Dark Areas!

Now Only $19.99
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
400% brighter than a 60w bulb
Screws into your light socket
72 ultra-bright LEDs

Features & Benefits

  • Instantly Add Ultra-Bright Light to ANY Indoor Area
  • 400% More Light as Compared to a Standard 60W Bulb*
  • Easy to Install – Simply Screw into A Light Socket
  • 72 Ultra-Bright LEDs for 3,700 Lumens of Ultra-Bright, White Light
  • Energy Efficient – Operates on Just 21W
  • Designed to Last for Up to 30 or More Years Depending on Usage - Advanced LED Technology

Quick & Easy...Instantly Adjust Your Lights from Bright to Dynamite!

AFTER with Beyond Bright® Lightwave

Get Ultra-Bright Light Anywhere You Need It Indoors!

Beyond Bright® Lightwave lighting up a garage
Beyond Bright® Lightwave lighting up a finished basement
Beyond Bright® Lightwave lighting up an attic
Beyond Bright® Lightwave lighting up a shed
Beyond Bright® Lightwave lighting up a utility room
Utility Rooms
Beyond Bright® Lightwave lighting up a closet
Closets & More

Introducing Beyond Bright® Lightwave

The ultra-bright garage light! Add ultra-bright light to garages and dark areas! Beyond Bright® Lightwave produces 400% more light than the standard 60-watt light bulb!* Beyond Bright® Lightwave is quick and easy to install. Simply remove your current light bulb and screw Beyond Bright® Lightwave into a standard light socket. No tools or wiring required! The secret is Beyond Bright® Lightwave center triangular light that contains 72 ultra-bright LEDs to produce 3,700 lumens of pure white light! Now you’ll see everything clearly! Great for garages, basements, attics, sheds, utility rooms, closets, and more. It also uses very little energy - operating on just 21 watts. Best of all, Beyond Bright® Lightwave advanced LED technology is designed to last for up to 30 or more years depending on usage! Get ultra-bright light anywhere you need it indoors with Beyond Bright® Lightwave!